UNTAMED: Jose Bedia, Keith Carter, Mary Frank, Melissa Miller, Peter Paone and Tom Uttech
May 2 – June 28, 2013 Joy Pratt Markham Gallery

Curated by Andrea Packard, Untamed brings together six established artists — Jose Bedia, Mary Frank, Keith Carter, Melissa Miller, Peter Paone, and Tom Uttech — whose compelling images of animals express essential aspects of the  human condition. Although the selected artists work in diverse media and styles, they share a fascination with the way images of animals can convey observations and experiences that defy traditional analysis or description. Whereas medieval bestiaries and varied fables use animal imagery to convey liturgical or other didactic goals, Untamed explores the use of animal-human interactions to represent spiritual experiences, emotional states, and cultural beliefs that are mysteriously compelling. Many of the selected works blend autobiographical references with universally resonant allegories of self-discovery.

Ranging from Mary Frank’s expressive "Inscapes" to Tom Uttech’s magically abundant habitats to the compressed spaces and expressive contrasts Keith Carter’s experimental photographs, the featured artworks convey a unifying spirit connecting all of creation. Inspired by profound empathy for the natural world, works such as Peter Paone’s "Flood" or Jose Bedia’s "En El Tronco Una Niña (1999)", evoke both loss and renewal. Collectively, these visionary works confront transience and hardship while reconnecting us more deeply with nature and our own humanity.


Exhibition catalog (please be patient, this is a large pdf file)