Tuesday, January 22
Joy Pratt Markham Gallery
Walton Arts Center

Scott Carroll’s passion for sculpture has led him to create both intimate and monumentally scaled works in varied media. Taking inspiration from his life-long interest in geology, Tectonics, his first show in his native Arkansas and current hometown, observes the way the earth’s surface continually shifts, expands and collides to create new topography. He regards his sculptures as poetic translations of such forces and what he believes to be sacred natural elements: creeks, rivers, caves, and rock formations. Carroll’s large-scale three-dimensional sculptures are boldly dramatic yet elegant and symmetrically balanced. Although massive in scale and weight, these works are engaging and invite quiet contemplation. 

Solo Exhibitions

2013               Tectonics, Joy Pratt Markham Gallery, Walton Arts Center, Fayetteville, AR

2009               Rings, Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas, TX

2007               Scott Carroll: New Work, Perry Nicole Fine Art, Memphis, TN

2005               Abstraction, Parchman Stremmel Gallery, San Antonio, TX

2005               Nature Abstracted, Kristy Stubbs Gallery, Dallas, TX

2004               Parchman Stremmel Gallery, San Antonio, TX

2003               Kristy Stubbs Gallery, Dallas, TX