An Artosphere Partner Grant Project
May – June, 2013
Cynthia Coughlin Gallery/Lobby, Walton Arts Center and throughout the region

Tasha Lewis’ installation, The Herd, in Walton Arts Center's Cynthia H. Coughlin Gallery Lobby, consists of more than 17 sculptures of antelopes, impalas and gazelles leaping high through the air. Many animals appear emerge from or disappear into surrounding walls. Lewis covers her sculptures with fabric printed with images and textures that she finds on the Internet and adapts in Photoshop. She prints these images using cyanotype, a photographic process using a light-sensitive emulsion. Unified by the radiant cyan coloring, the creatures embody aspects of human industry as well as nature. Sewing this fabric onto her sculptural armatures with large and uneven stitches, Lewis calls attention to domestic traditions of craftwork including tailoring and quilting. She hopes that the animals’ unexpected placement, tumultuous movement, and playful coloring will spark curiosity, engaging viewers with the beauty of both natural and artificial worlds.

Bridging boundaries between art, nature, and everyday life, Tasha Lewis’ ephemeral installations consist of more than 1,000 butterflies printed in various sizes with cyanotype on fabric. Placing a small but powerful magnet on their bellies, Lewis can temporarily adhere them to varied metal surfaces, without leaving a trace. In the past, she has installed the swarm at sites in Indianapolis, IN; Evanston, IL; Berkeley, CA; Philadelphia, PA; Kona, HI and New York City. During her Artosphere residency this May, she will work with Walton Arts Center volunteers to construct butterflies, and  will reconfigure The Swarm in unexpected locations at various sites along the Trail Mix path, around the square on First Thursday, and elsewhere. At each site, she will invite visitors to move the butterflies across the available metalwork, effectively reshaping the contours of The Swarm and redefining public areas that usually go unnoticed. Lewis will periodically re-photograph each configuration to create a video animation showing the work’s evolution.


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The Herd and The Swarm are an Artosphere Partner Grant Project.  Partner Grants are offered to local, regional and national artists with unique work that fits within the Artosphere theme.