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The 3 C'S of Walton Arts Center's CLC:

Walton Arts Center's Corporate Leadership council engages CHILDREN by raising money to support arts education.

The CLC enhances CULTURE in Northwest Arkansas with our signature event, the Masquerade Ball.

The CLC connects our COMMUNITY with professional and social networking opportunities. 


The Corporate Leadership Council

James Beck


Matt Bodishbaugh


Luke Bradshaw

Jim Cartwright

Jeff Charlson

Jeff Clapper 

Mike Daniels

Jon Davis

George Diaz

Adam Dill

Alan Dranow

Joe Farnan

Cathy Foraker

Brock Gearhart

Chris Haimbach

Todd Hanus


Harry Hardy

Mark Henneberger

Rebecca Hurst

Nick Jaskolski

Sara Lilygren

Tim Marrin

Arist Mastorides

Marshall Ney

Jeff Rhodes

Craig Shy


Angie Smith

Cameron Smith

Christie Turner

Dawn VonBechmann

Tony Waller

Brian Williams


The CLC’s signature event is the Masquerade Ball.  The 7th Annual Masquerade Ball will be held on Saturday, February 11, 2017.  For more information visit

For information about joining the CLC contact Taylor Speegle at 479-571-2792 or